LG&E and KU
A/C Testing and Tune-Up
An efficient system can save you money.

Properly maintaining your air conditioning (A/C) systems central A/C or heat pump can improve energy efficiency. Periodic inspection and maintenance helps ensure your system is working at its optimum level to provide a comfortable temperature inside your home.

Many A/C systems have inefficient areas such as dirty coils or improper refrigerant levels that require extra energy to work at their current pace.

Our A/C Testing and Tune-Up Program can help you find ways to substantially reduce your energy usage and cooling expenses if your system is working overtime. We work with local service providers who can identify inefficient areas affecting your system.

How much does it cost?

These services are offered to our residential and commercial customers at discounted rates per system.

Costs to residential customers:

A/C Testing — $35 per system

A/C Tune-Up if needed — $50 per system

Costs to commercial customers:

A/C Testing — $50 per system

A/C Tune-Up if needed — $100 per system

LG&E and KU will supplement the cost of both services — cleaning coils and correcting refrigerant levels — in an effort to make the services more affordable for our customers.

If the certified A/C testing technician identifies additional problem areas beyond what is covered within our program, he or she must notify customers in advance so customers can decide whether or not they would like to pay for the additional services. These additional services and associated costs are at the customers' expense and are outside the scope of the program.