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Faster and Easier Service
Get help at the touch of a button.

Did you know you can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to learn your account balance, pay by phone or find out when your bill is due? Use our fast path options to take advantage of our automated system anytime day or night or to route your call to a representative who can help you with what you need.

You can view this list of fast path options or print the list and display it in a convenient location so you'll have it handy the next time you call.

Electric Outage 2-1-2
Gas Emergency 2-1-1
Make a payment 2-2-3
Billing Questions 2-2-4-5
Energy Efficiency 2-4-2
Account Balance/Due Date and Meter Reading Window 2-2-1
Payment Arrangements 2-2-2-1
Reconnect Service (speak with a rep) 2-2-2-2
Auto Reconnect (self-service) 2-2-2-2-1
Payment Info - Online, Locations, Mail Address, Office 2-2-2-4
Stop or Move Existing Service 2-3-1
Start New Service 2-3-2
New Construction 2-3-3
Website Assistance 2-4-1

Property Managers and Landlords

cover of Property Management training manualWe have recently updated the online tools available to property managers and landlords who manage multiple accounts. Landlords can now register all of their properties using a single e-mail address and can access the information online at any time, day or night.

Enhancements include the ability to update and maintain telephone numbers and mailing addresses of multiple accounts; create or update landlord agreements; pay bills online; and submit "move-out" or "move-in" requests. Interested?

Check out the training manual and register online.

Keep your business in the know.

Sign up for our quarterly e-newsletter "Powerlines" and your business can get the latest tips on energy efficiency, company programs or other issues that may affect your organization.

Previous articles have included:
  • New and Improved Energy Efficiency Programs Available
  • How Low Power Factor can Impact your LG&E and KU Electric Bill
  • Join the Conversation on our Blog
  • After the Storm: Restoring Power after an Outage
In addition to receiving a quarterly e-newsletter from us, along with periodic e-mail alerts, you will have access to an Energy Library and Ask-an-Expert feature in which you can search a database for relevant information or send in a question.

Register now!

Try our Commercial Energy Calculator

calculatorLG&E is helping commercial and small industrial customers discover cost-savings with the company's online energy calculator.

The interactive commercial energy calculator requires only a few inputs from the customer before instantly generating a business energy analysis and the potential dollar savings for each behavior modification, lighting change or facility improvement made by the customer. The calculator is pre-programmed to account for local weather data and rates for LG&E.  Learn more...

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Pay your bill
With My Account you can manage your account and more!

One Time Payment
Pago único
(ATM/debit or credit card)
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Call Center repBusiness Service
Center Hours

Monday - Friday
7am - 6pm
(502) 627-3313

Speed Dial Guide (PDF)

Emergency outages may be called in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Questions or requests?
Start/stop/cancel service?
Bill/rate questions?
(502) 627-3313

Power Outages/Downed Power Lines
(502) 589-1444 (Outside Louisville 800-331-7370)

Gas Leaks
(known or suspected)

(502) 589-1444 (Outside Louisville 800-331-7370)

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