Chairman's Message

Vic Staffieri
Vic Staffieri
Chairman, CEO and President

At LG&E and KU Energy, we marked an extraordinary moment in our company's history: a centennial celebration of our utilities.

LG&E and KU Centennial PosterKentucky Utilities Company celebrated 100 years in August, and Louisville Gas and Electric Company marked its centennial in July 2013. Throughout their storied histories, each utility has contributed to the growth and prosperity of the commonwealth of Kentucky. LG&E — whose predecessor company, the Louisville Gas and Water Company, can be traced back 175 years — supplied natural gas and electricity to the booming river town of Louisville, now Kentucky's largest city. Kentucky Utilities, based in Lexington, brought the wonder of electricity to rural Kentucky from the eastern mountains to the western border. And in 1998, after decades of change and challenges, the two companies merged to form Kentucky's largest energy supplier.

During our centennial observance, we honored LG&E and KU and the outstanding qualities that define the companies today: dedicated employees, corporate citizenship, a commitment to safety and customer satisfaction, reliable service and low-cost energy — reasons for us all to celebrate.