LG&E and KU
WeCare Program
Helping families in need.

We work to make homes in our community more comfortable places for families in need who use a lot of energy and have a difficult time making ends meet to pay their utility bills.

One of our energy efficiency efforts — WeCare (Weatherization, Conservation Advice and Recycling Energy), is designed to create savings through weatherization and energy education to help customers in need.

Because it's often difficult to make the necessary repairs to save energy, we work with Community Action Agencies to identify customers who are heavy users of energy and help them find ways to reduce their energy consumption.

In many cases, homes may not be properly maintained or weatherized as well as they could be; therefore, it takes more energy to heat or cool the home.

Many WeCare participants receive a walk-through inspection and energy education. Many receive HVAC and water heater system inspection while others may also receive air sealing and attic insulation.

The two main eligibility requirements are: 1) the customer's income meets the guidelines of the federal government's Low Income Heating Assistance Program (LIHEAP); and 2) the customer must have lived in their home for a minimum of one year. When possible, elderly and disabled participants take precedence when requesting this service.

Please email us or call 1-800-356-5467 with questions or for direct assistance.
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