Custom Commercial Rebates

  • Equipment not covered in another category that saves at least 1 kW of demand: $100 per kW saved

Commercial Rebate items, amounts and efficiency requirements are changing effective April 1, 2018. Click here for a preview of the new rebate structure.

Energy improvements can take many shapes and forms, so if an energy improvement is not found in another category, it may fall into the “custom” rebate category. Eligible custom improvements include:

  • LED Lighting - UL-certified and either DLC or ENERGY STAR®
  • Compressed air systems
  • Exhaust ventilation
  • A/C Occupancy Sensors
  • Day Lighting Controls
  • Induction Lighting
  • Insulation
  • Capacitor Banks
  • Energy Management Systems

Eligibility and required documentation

  • Commercial rebates are available to all LG&E and KU electric commercial customers who contribute to Demand Side Management as part of their monthly bill. Businesses must operate for a minimum of 1,800 hours annually.
  • Equipment for custom rebates must have been purchased on or after November 9, 2011.
  • Lighting must be UL-certified and either DLC or ENERGY STAR®
  • Custom projects must include improvements that help reduce peak summer electric load greater than one kilowatt, average over the June through September billing periods. Minimum of 1 kW savings is required. Customized rebates must be accompanied by all the calculations that document the energy savings. Saving calculations are to be submitted in their original format, such as Microsoft Excel or the modeling software that is used. Supporting documentation includes the following:
    • Calculations of annual baseline energy use (pre-installation);
    • Calculations of proposed energy use (post-installation);
    • Estimated annual energy savings in kWh/year;
    • Estimated peak demand reductions in kW;
    • Equipment manufacturer specification (cut) sheets for proposed equipment;
    • Documentation to provide assurance that the settings used to calculate the savings will not be changed for Energy Management Systems and Control upgrades; and
    • For LED lighting projects, customer must complete our LED Lighting Calculation spreadsheet.  
  • In no case will LG&E and KU pay an incentive above the actual cost of the new equipment.

Apply Now

Be sure to have your account number and tax ID or social security number handy. Contractors, vendors and energy service companies may apply by phone.


LG&E and KU Energy LLC reserves the right to revise program requirements and incentive levels at any time. Incentives are subject to availability.