If you'd like to enjoy the benefit of knowing, in advance, the amount of your LG&E, KU or ODP bill each month, enroll in our Budget Payment Plan. This program, which helps reduce the seasonal ups and downs normally associated with utility bills, is extremely popular among our customers.

Our Budget Payment Plan spreads your winter heating costs over a 12-month period and levels out your monthly energy bills. That way, it's easier for you to factor your energy costs into your household budget.

How it works

  • When you sign up for the program, we calculate an estimate of your usage for the next 12 months based on current energy costs and your actual usage from the previous 12 months.
  • We then average the total of our estimate to determine your initial Budget Payment amount.
  • During the next 12 months, we will review your actual usage compared to our estimate. These reviews will occur four months after you sign up for the Budget Plan and again eight months after you sign up.
  • If adjustments are necessary to more closely align your Budget Payment Amount with your actual usage, we will make the adjustments at the time of the review and notify you through a message on the back of your bill.
  • At the end of your Budget period (12 months after you sign up for the Plan), we will review your total actual energy usage for the entire period compared to your total payments during the Budget period. Your bill may include an adjustment at that time for any difference between the total amount you paid and the total energy you actually used during the Budget period. We refer to this as your "Settlement Month."
  • Adjustments in your "Settlement Month" may be in the form of a credit (meaning you used less energy than estimated and we owe you) or a debit (meaning your energy usage was more than we estimated and you owe us).

Contact us to find out what your initial Budget Payment amount would be if you want to know that information before making the decision to enroll.