Demand Conservation device

  • Earn energy bill credits during the summer
  • Help manage your community’s energy demand

The Demand Conservation device is attached to your home and connected to your central air conditioner or heat pump. Once installed, it is used to briefly interrupt your air conditioner's cycles on "peak" summer days to reduce demand for electricity.

Get paid for participating!

To thank you for your participation, we'll credit your summer utility bills:

  • $3 per month (up to $12 annually) in June, July, August and September for each central air conditioning unit or heat pump on single-family homes.
  • Up to $8 per year for multi-family complexes with:
    • $2 per month (up to $8 annually) in June, July August and September for the customer. 

Property owner incentives for multi-family dwellings are no longer being offered.

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