Healthy for Life

Employees and their spouses (if enrolled in an LG&E and KU medical plan) must complete the following wellness requirements by Aug. 31, 2019, to qualify for the HFL medical premium in 2020.

  • Complete a health screening from a 2019 company health fair, from a 2019 physical with your primary care physician, or through another convenient option as detailed on the HFL portal; and
  • Complete the "Well-Being Assessment" on the HFL portal; and
  • Complete the "Tobacco Free or Take Action" section on the portal by indicating you're tobacco-free OR, if you certify as a tobacco user, by completing either a series of Breathe Easy webinars or the Quit for Life tobacco-cessation program by Aug. 31, 2019. More details available on the Healthy for Life portal.
  • Complete the “Certify Your Understanding of Preventive Care” section on the portal. There, you will access a document detailing recommended preventive health screenings based on an individual’s age, gender, etc. and certify on the portal that you have read it. 

Please note, medical premiums will be based on 2020 rates; therefore, the differential between the two medical premiums is unknown at this time. However, the HFL premium will be less expensive than the base rate premium.

Employees and spouses also can use the portal to earn Amazon e-gift card incentives.

Employees hired in 2019 have different requirements and deadlines. Please read the “Healthy for Life Requirements for 2019 New Hires” document