Wellness Matching Grant

Wellness Matching Grant

Wellness matching grants are designed to increase the number of workplace wellness efforts that promote exercise and nutrition. Managers may apply for grants to fund wellness initiatives for their departments or work groups. Keep these details in mind when applying for a grant.

  • This grant is a matching grant. Departments are expected to provide half of the overall project cost, with the company providing the other half.
  • All grant applications must include a component of physical activity or nutrition. All nutrition-focused grants also must include either a physical activity or an educational component within the grant. For example, hosting a healthy lunch would qualify if it was followed by a team walk or included an educational speaker/flyers on the benefits of eating healthy.
  • If you’d like your team to earn Healthy for Life points as part of your matching grant, there are two options available. Although employees will be part of the same team on the challenge, points will be earned individually. 
    • Option 1: Get Moving. Each person on the team should aim for 150 minutes of physical activity each week.
    • Option 2: Drink Up. Each team member should aim to drink half of their body weight in water each day (e.g., a 140-pound individual should try to drink 70 ounces of water daily). 

To allocate dollars in an equitable fashion, grants will be awarded based on the number of employees reporting to that manager (see below).

1–25 employees $250
26–50 employees $500
51–75 employees $750
76+ employees $1,000

Grant applications must be submitted by June 1 by a manager or above (or an employee on their behalf). If you choose to participate in the Healthy for Life challenges referenced above, the Health and Well-being team will contact you about submitting a separate challenge form request. Please allow one month after the form is completed for the challenge to appear on your team’s portal.