Solar Paybacks for Businesses Customers

Receive bill credits as a private renewable generating source

Customers who install renewable energy at their business may be eligible to participate in our Net Metering Service.

The service measures the difference between the energy purchased from LG&E and KU and the amount of energy produced by the customer. Customers can receive bill credits if they produce more energy than they use from their utility.

LG&E and KU have offered net metering since the 1980s for small-qualifying facilities who produce between 30 to 100 kilowatts of energy and for large-qualifying facilities who produce more than 100 kilowatts.

To participate, customers need to have their renewable generator installed, apply under LG&E and KU's Net Metering Service, and then sign a net metering contract with LG&E or KU so a net meter can be installed.

More than 370 LG&E and KU residential and commercial customers currently participate in the service, growing from just two customers eight years ago.