Zero lost-time incidents at our Ohio Falls Station is no accident

Posted | February 18, 2016

On Sept. 13, 1988, employees at the Ohio Falls hydroelectric generating station in Louisville showed up for work like they did every day. Little did they know that day was the first on a journey that would drive them toward a significant safety milestone. On Jan. 29, 2016, the facility celebrated 10,000 days without a lost-time incident.

“To say that safety is just part of the job for this group of employees would minimize their focus on safety and what they’ve accomplished,” said Kerry Johnson, supervisor of Production at Ohio Falls Generating Station. “It’s not just part of the job. It truly is the culture among the employees at this facility, and we’re extremely proud of that fact.”

Employees at the station celebrated the momentous occasion with a catered lunch in early February. Members of the LG&E and KU Safety team were in attendance as Dave Tummonds, general manager, Cane Run and Ohio Falls generating stations, praised the group.

“This achievement did not happen by accident,” said Tummonds. “None of you carries an aura of invincibility around you. I stand in awe of your focus on the job at hand but mainly of your attention and focus on doing the job safely. Congratulations on reaching this milestone and thank you for what you are doing to set the tone for future generations of employees who work at LG&E and KU facilities.”

Employees at Ohio Falls have a combined total of more than 220 years of service at LG&E and KU. Several have worked their entire careers at the station.

Reaching this historic safety milestone is even more significant given the amount of major unit upgrades that have occurred during many of the 10,000 days. The company is in the third and final phase of a project to update and refurbish all eight of the station’s turbine/generator units. The work, scheduled to be complete in 2017, has been extensive as each unit has been disassembled, refurbished, then re-assembled. In addition, a new control room with state-of-the-art technology was installed and a new administration building was constructed.