Chase Mills talks planned investments, benefits to customers

Posted | July 25, 2016

Across the LG&E and KU, work on numerous projects that have positive impacts on safety, reliability, the environment and the customer experience are continuing to take place.

One of the company’s planned major investments is a $117 million project that will improve system reliability through the installation of intelligent devices on a portion of substations and distribution lines. The project will enhance the ability to monitor and control the distribution system and reduce the length of outages.

For Chase Mills, group leader of Reliability, focusing on distribution automation offers an exciting project. “This new initiative is the next evolution in our commitment to reliability, providing the opportunity for a portion of our system to eventually have more automatic power restoration capabilities,” Mills said.

The overall distribution automation project — a seven-year initiative planned to commence in 2017 — includes the installation of hundreds of electronic line devices as well as communication links to those devices that will allow remote control of the device as well as data retrieval. 

“For customers, this technology will provide the ability to have fewer outages and faster restoration times,” Mills said. “Intelligent control of distribution line equipment can provide real-time information from the distribution system and allow for remote control and automation of that equipment. All of that translates into a faster response from the company and a better experience for our customers.”