Employee Danielle Ballard discusses the latest investments at Ghent Station

Posted | September 13, 2016

One could say there are “power lines in her blood lines” for Danielle Ballard, environmental coordinator at LG&E and KU’s Ghent Station in Carroll County, Kentucky. Following in the footsteps of her father, a retired power plant operator, Ballard says she “grew up a power plant girl” in many ways.

Today, Ballard helps keep a watchful eye over Ghent Station’s environmental performance requirements, working with a cross-functional team of employees to further ensure compliance with air, land and water regulations while continuing to provide safe, reliable energy to customers.

Additionally, Ballard and the Ghent team work to educate local students in the Carroll County school district on energy matters, through plant tours and classroom presentations.

The latest air quality investments at Ghent include the installation of pulse-jet, fabric filter baghouse on each of the stations four coal-fired units.

Baghouses are often described as “vacuum cleaners on steroids,” helping remove fine particulates and other emissions from flue gas. Other investments include the installation of power-activated carbon systems, which help reduce mercury emissions in conjunction with other environmental controls at the station.

The upgrades at Ghent, as well as at other generating stations in the fleet, amounted to more than $2.8 billion in investments to further reduce emissions and ensure continued environmental compliance.

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