LG&E and KU offer tips to prevent customers from becoming targets

Posted | February 3, 2017

LG&E and KU warn customers of recent scams; offer tips to stay safe

LG&E and KU are warning customers of recent scams and arming customers with information to guard against becoming the victim of scams or utility impersonators.

In one of the most recent scams, customers report receiving an automated phone message, claiming to be from the utility, that threatens to disconnect their electric or natural gas service unless a specified amount is paid. The message directs people to a phone number to call to resolve the issue. When the person calls, they reach an automated system that mimics LG&E’s, complete with a voice menu for customers to choose from. In another recent scam, customers report receiving a similar call from a live person posing as an LG&E customer service representative who asks them to provide payment information.

Whether at home or at work, LG&E and KU remind consumers to remain alert if someone contacts them claiming to represent their local utility and report any suspected scams to their utility and local police.

LG&E and KU work with local authorities as needed to help investigate scams and offer the following SAFE advice to residential and business customers:

  • Secure your personal information: LG&E and KU will never call and ask for credit or debit card numbers or other personal information.
  • Always remember you have bill payment options: LG&E and KU offer customers a variety of official and secure ways to pay their bill.
  • First contact LG&E and KU if you're suspicious: Customers who receive a suspicious live phone call, email or letter should contact LG&E and KU which will always verify official communications. LG&E customers should call 502-589-1444 (outside Louisville at 1-800-331-7370); KU customers should call 1-800-981-0600.
  • Elect to speak to a company representative: As a courtesy, LG&E and KU do make computer-generated calls to remind customers if their payment is late. The call includes an option customers may select if they choose to make their payment by phone.

LG&E and KU encourage customers to always obtain positive identification in the event someone appears at their door stating they are there on the companies' behalf.

Authentic LG&E and KU ID badges — whether issued to an employee or a contractor — show the companies' logos. An employee ID card always has the employee's name and color photograph on the front as well.

Sometimes there are legitimate service-related reasons the utilities may need access to a customer's home, but in-person contact at a customer's home never involves collecting payment for a monthly bill.