Flooding and the impact on your electric/gas service

Posted | February 23, 2018

When we experience flooding in our service territories, our customers often reach out with questions about how that may impact their electric and/or natural gas service. The following frequently asked questions address customer concerns regarding service interruptions during flooding.

Why will my power be turned off? And when?

When flooding increases in the region, LG&E and KU officials patrol neighborhoods/areas in our service territories that run along the Ohio River and other waterways. We also closely monitor the Army Corps of Engineers’ river forecast.

In cases where flood water is nearing or has already reached our electrical and/or gas equipment, our crews must turn off service in that area as a safety precaution.

Why was my power turned off before flood waters reached my property?

This is a safety precaution. In some instances, LG&E and KU’s electrical and/or gas equipment may be under water or nearing submersion. Because of this, power must be turned off to avoid safety hazards.

Can I be proactive and schedule my power to be turned off?
Yes. Contact us and a crew member will be dispatched to turn off your service. LG&E customers can call 502-589-1444, while KU customers should call 800-981-0600.

My property has not been impacted by flooding, but my power has been shut off. How do you determine who’s power is turned off?
Even if your property does not directly sit along or near the water, you may live in close proximity to electrical equipment that provides service to a larger area, which includes residences and businesses impacted by flooding.

When will my service be restored?

This is dependent on when flood waters recede and our crews can safely access our equipment in the area. Rest assured that we are closely monitoring the situation and are prepared to restore service as soon as it is safe to do so.   

What can’t you provide me with an estimated restoration time?
Because of the uncertainty of the weather, when the flood will crest and when the waters will recede, it’s difficult to provide an estimated restoration time.

What are the steps I need to take to restore my power once water recedes?

Electric service restoration – KU/ODP

  • Whether inside or outside, never operate electrical equipment while standing in puddles of water.
  • Do not enter a basement if there is standing water, or attempt to operate any type of electrical appliance or equipment in that area. Immediately call KU at 1-800-981-0600 to request disconnection of electric service before attempting repairs.
  • Once the necessary repairs have been made, contact the city or county inspection office to schedule an inspection. Once the repairs receive an approval from the city or county inspector, the city or county inspector should call KU at 1-800-981-0600 to have service restored. KU cannot reconnect service without an approved inspection from the city or county inspector.

KU will restore electric service where it is safe to do so and will disconnect service at customers' requests and as needed to ensure safety. Customers are encouraged to provide the location of their meter in order to help KU's customer service representatives better serve them. As always, in the event of electric outages or downed power lines, customers should call KU at 1-800-981-0600.

Electric service restoration – LG&E

  • Whether inside or outside, never operate electrical equipment while standing in water.
  • Do not enter a basement standing in water or attempt to operate any type of electrical appliance or equipment if there is water in the basement. Immediately call LG&E at 502-589-1444 (outside Louisville 1-800-331-7370) to request disconnection of electric service before attempting repairs.
  • Louisville Metro Residents: The Louisville Metro Office of Inspections, Permits and Licenses, applies these guidelines to Louisville Metro residents. 
  • Oldham County residents: The Oldham County Building and Inspections Division applies these guidelines for Oldham County residents. 
  • Bullitt County residents:  The Bullitt County Code Enforcement Office applies these guidelines for Bullitt County residents. 

Residents outside of these areas should check with local government officials for specific information about restrictions, licensing and permitting related to electric service restoration after flooding has occurred.

Gas service restoration – LG&E

  • Step One: LG&E can restore gas service to homes only after water has receded and it is safe to access the area. After the water recedes, call 502-589-1444 (outside Louisville at 1-800-331-7370) to request gas service restoration.
  • Step Two:
    • If the customer is home: Before restoring service, LG&E will turn off the major appliances (gas furnace, gas water heater, etc.) inside the home. DO NOT use these appliances if they have been damaged by water.
    • If the customer is not at home: LG&E will not restore service until the customer returns and can provide safe access to the appliances.
  • Step Three: LG&E will test the gas lines to the house and inside the home for damage. If the lines pass LG&E's safety test, LG&E will restore service to the meter. If house lines fail LG&E's safety test, the customer will need to contact a plumber to make necessary repairs to the lines. After repairs have been made, call LG&E to request to have service restored.
  • Step Four: Customers will need to contact a qualified heating, ventilating, and air conditioning contractor or a plumber to clean and inspect any appliances that may have been affected by flooding.
  • Step Five: The contractor will relight the appliances.

Only a qualified contractor or plumber should attempt to relight appliances turned off by LG&E. For safety reasons, customers must not attempt to relight appliances.

Visit lge-ku.com/safety/flooding for more information about flooding safety.