Watch live: harnessing the power of the sun

Posted | October 1, 2018

Viewers can watch online as LG&E and KU's E.W. Brown solar facility generates power

Have you wondered what it looks like the moment clouds crossing the Bluegrass State pass over solar panels?

LG&E and KU have launched a new interactive online generation dashboard that allows viewers to watch while the E.W. Brown solar facility generates power.

Now, you can watch online in near-real time while LG&E and KU's E.W. Brown solar facility - Kentucky's largest of its kind - cranks up its capabilities and generates instantaneously as much as 10 megawatts of power when the sun is shining bright.

The company is also sharing online the vast amount of generation data - down to one-minute intervals - that's been collected over the last two years since the facility began operating in 2016.

"We wanted to develop a product that appeals to both a technical and academic audience and the general public interested in learning more about the facility," said Aron Patrick, Lead Planning Analyst for LG&E and KU.

"By making available this live and historical data, we want to help propel solar research and development, and help those who are interested better understand the capabilities of solar in Kentucky," added Patrick.

This screenshot taken on Sept. 17 shows in near-real time while LG&E and KU's facility generates power over a 36-hour period.

The solar facility works together to produce power with LG&E and KU's other power plants.

Solar programs for customers

In addition to owning and operating this solar facility, LG&E and KU offer programs for customers who want to help grow solar here in Kentucky.

Customers who subscribe to the company's Solar Share program got some good news this summer. The facility's first 500-kilowatt section is fully subscribed, and LG&E and KU expect to begin construction in early 2019. The company is now taking subscriptions for the second of eight total sections planned for the facility, which will be located along Interstate 64 in Shelby County.

Residential, business and industrial customers across the company's service territories can subscribe to the program, pay a monthly fee, then receive credits on their bill each month based on the amount of energy produced by the facility. 

Earlier this spring, the Archdiocese of Louisville and the company made history launching the first diocesan-based solar array in the greater Kentucky region. The new 30-kilowatt rooftop solar array, located at the Archdiocese's Pastoral Center, was the first system installed under LG&E and KU's Business Solar program.

Through this program, LG&E and KU will build, own and operate individually customized solar facilities for interested business and industrial customers on their properties. Each customized project is subject to approval by the Kentucky Public Service Commission.

Visit to watch while the E.W. Brown Solar Facility generates power or learn more about the company's solar programs for customers.