Before putting your shovel in the ground, find out what’s underground

Posted | July 3, 2019

National Call Before You Dig Day is almost upon us. As an annual reminder that you should contact 811 before starting any home projects that require digging, August 11 (8.11) is highlighted to help keep safe digging front of mind.

A few days before plunging your shovel into the ground to plant that shrub, put up a new mailbox or start a deck, contact 811. That way local utilities are alerted to mark any underground cables or pipelines on your property – such as electric, gas, cable and water. Simply call 811 to submit your locate request. 

Knowing where it’s safe to dig and, more important, where it’s NOT safe to dig, could protect you from a serious accident or even death. In fact, according to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, contacting 811 before digging gives you a 99 percent chance of avoiding an incident.

Remember, contacting 811 is the law, and the service is free.