Did you know that our E.W. Brown Generating Station is home to the largest universal solar facility in Kentucky? With more than 35 acres of solar panels, that’s a lot of land that needs to be maintained and mowed to keep the solar panels up and running. 

In the spring of 2020, we announced that E.W. Brown is now also home to a flock of Shetland and Katahdin sheep from nearby Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. They’ve been hard at work keeping the vegetation in check, as mowing grass under and around our solar panels is challenging and time-consuming.

Farmers from Shaker Village oversee the care of the flock, including veterinary services and sheering. The wool will be sold to a local wool vendor and all the proceed will support Shaker Village’s mission and help lower the cost of maintaining the sheep.

We are excited to keep customers involved in the everyday lives of these sheep.

Visit lge-ku.com/sheep and tune in to our “Ewetube” channel to watch the sheep live and learn more about our partnership with Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill.