Kentucky's housing market

The median sale price of homes in Kentucky ranks among the lowest in the U.S. Just as the state offers a diverse combination of rural and metropolitan life, the availability of housing ranges from starter homes to executive homes. The lower than national average cost of living makes owning a home more affordable in Kentucky. Homeowners across the Commonwealth also enjoy economical utility rates, low property taxes, and quality schools.

In addition, Kentucky offers all the amenities a homeowner hopes to find. Economical utility rates, low property taxes, and quality schools are enjoyed by homeowners across the Commonwealth.

Median sale price of existing single-family homes for selected metropolitan areas (3rd quarter 2016)

City Median Price
Atlanta, GA $191,500
Birmingham, AL $187,300
Charleston, WV $141,700
Charlotte, NC $215,900
Chicago, IL $244,100
Cincinnati, OH/KY/IN $157,000
Columbia, SC $165,900
Columbus, OH $181,600
Greensboro, NC $155,000
Indianapolis, IN $164,100
Jacksonville, FL $219,000
Louisville, KY $171,800
Lexington, KY $157,300
Knoxville, TN $169,600
St. Louis, MO $170,000
United States $229,000
Source: National Association of Realtors.