We are committed to doing our part to protect the environment, and we know many of our customers are, too. Net metering allows participating customers to generate renewable electricity to power their homes or businesses. LG&E or KU will apply credit toward the customer's future power needs for any excess power generated.

Whether you plan to generate electricity using solar panels, wind turbines, biomass or biogas energy, or hydro-energy, net metering allows you to use the energy you produce any way you choose. Be sure to follow the Net Metering Service Interconnection Guidelines for your respective utility. Customers’ generation systems must:

  1. Generate electricity using solar energy, wind energy, biomass or biogas energy or hydro energy;
  2. Have a rated capacity of not greater than thirty (30) kilowatts;
  3. Be located on the customer’s premises;
  4. Be owned and operated by the customer;
  5. Be connected in parallel with the utility’s electric distribution system; and
  6. Have the primary purpose of supplying all or part of the customer’s own electricity requirements.

For additional information about Net Metering or any of the programs offered by LG&E and KU, please contact the Customer Commitment Department. To learn more about renewable energy, visit: