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Commercial Energy Audit help topics

Why is the eligibility date for a commercial energy audit rebate on or after Nov. 14, 2014?

Rebates for energy audits are part of our expanded program approved by the Kentucky Public Service Commission on November 14, 2014. For this reason, our program is offered effective on or after this date. 

Why do I have to apply for a commercial energy audit at the same time as another rebate category?

Our Commercial Rebate Program is designed to help customers save energy and money, thus the reason our energy audit rebates only are available if qualifying improvements are also made to the customer’s business facility. Simply call us or log into My Account and select the rebate category you’d like to apply for in addition to the energy audit rebate.

Does the commercial energy audit report have to recommend and match the rebate products I apply for?

The energy audit report does not have to match the specific improvement for which a customer applies.    

What qualifies for a Commercial Energy Audit?

An energy audit is an inspection, survey and analysis for energy usage for a particular building. The audit identifies opportunities to reduce energy usage.