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  • See where your current energy usage is going
  • Receive recommendations for ways to save
  • Make your home more comfortable

No matter the size or age of your home, you can find ways to reduce your energy use and costs. The first step is to discover which parts of your home use the most energy. To help you, we offer two types of Home Energy Analysis — online and on-site.

Online Energy Analysis

With the new Online Home Energy Analysis from LG&E and KU, you can learn how to save energy and money in just a few minutes.

Simply register an account or sign in to Opower’s website (our online analysis business partner). After signing in, choose "Online Home Energy Analysis" and answer a few questions about your home. Then, a customized list of tips is generated for you detailing ways you can make your home more efficient.

The Online Home Energy Analysis program is offered at no additional cost to KU electric and LG&E electric and/or natural gas customers who have at least 12 months of active service.

Get started with an Online Home Energy Analysis

On-Site Energy Analysis

The On-Site Home Energy Analysis Program is ideal for customers who prefer the assistance of a professional. When you sign up, our business partner will contact you to schedule an appointment with a certified energy analyst. During the visit, we’ll assess your home’s energy efficiency, offer education on ways to save, leave behind energy-saving products and provide a report with customized recommendations. If you plan to implement any major home improvements or upgrade any major appliances, the On-Site Home Energy Analysis Program is a great way to get started with a one-time fee of $25. If, after your on-site analysis, you decide to make additional energy-efficient improvements to your home, you may qualify for financial incentives from LG&E and KU.