technician meeting with couple for an energy analysis

If you prefer the assistance of a professional, schedule an appointment to meet with one of our certified energy analysts who will assess your home's energy efficiency. If you plan to implement any major home improvements or upgrade any major appliances, LG&E and KU's On-Site Home Energy Analysis program gives you the tools and tips to get started. If, after your on-site analysis, you decide to make additional energy-efficient improvements to your home, you may qualify for financial incentives from LG&E and KU.

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Eligibility requirements

Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities residential customers may participate in this program.

The eligibility requirements are:

  • The customer must have at least eight months of continuous utility service at their current home.
  • The customer must not have had an On-Site Analysis or WeCare analysis at that same premise within the past 36 months.
  • LG&E gas-only customers do not qualify for the financial incentive.


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