Welcome to Kentucky's first live peregrine falcon web cam, located at LG&E's Mill Creek Generating Station in southwest Jefferson County. The utility launched the web cam in the peregrine falcon nest box, installed at the facility about seven years ago, in partnership with Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.

We encourage visitors to check back often and to visit the falcon milestones if they may have missed some of these more memorable moments.

Spring 2014 Overview:

This spring, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) reported a territorial conflict between peregrine falcons impacted the Mill Creek nest box. An outside falcon intruded the territory of the nesting pair, "Fabian" and "Diana." Before the eggs were expected to hatch, a new adult falcon appeared, and the resident male, Fabian, was not returning to the nest box. Unfortunately, the territorial conflict and absence of help for the nesting female, Diana, disrupted the eggs' incubation stage and prohibited the chicks' full development.

After it was determined the remaining eggs would not hatch, KDFWR officials collected the eggs from the nest box.

In April, two different male falcons (neither of which were Fabian) were observed at the nest box.  It seems there is still some competition for the territory and Diana will likely choose a new mate soon.

According to KDFWR officials, territorial conflict is a natural part of the peregrine falcon's life cycle, and the agency has observed events like this in the past at other nests. Despite these brief disturbances in productivity, Kentucky's nesting population continues to thrive.