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Name: Co Name DeptID Job Title: Department
Gerald Arnold Kentucky Utilities 016230 Manager - Production EWB Oper/Results
Bob Barnett Louisville Gas & Electric Co. 002530 Mgr Commercial Operations Cane Run Commercial Operations
Ralph Bowling LG&E and KU Services Company 022200 VP Power Production VP Power Generation
Michael Buckner LG&E and KU Services Company 022200A Mgr Fleet Ops Perf & Reliab VP Power Generation
Larry Byrd Louisville Gas & Electric Co. 002770 Mgr Maint - Pwr Gen Maintenance Cust Service-TC
Samuel Carr Kentucky Utilities 016370 Mgr Commercial Operations EWB Commercial Operations
Joseph Clements Jr LG&E and KU Services Company 022200B Dir Pwr Gen Commercial Ops VP Power Generation
Tom Crutcher LG&E and KU Services Company 022200C Dir Fleet Maint Perform&Reliab Dir Fleet Maint Perf & Relibty
Barry Currens Kentucky Utilities 016220 Mgr Tyrone Operations E W Brown-General Mgr & Admin
Joe Didelot Louisville Gas & Electric Co. 002401A Manager - Production Production-MC
Michael P Drake Kentucky Utilities 016660 Mgr Maint - Pwr Gen Ghent - Maintenance Power Gen
James C Edelen III Kentucky Utilities 016130 Manager - Production Green River - Operations
James D Faulkner Kentucky Utilities 016100 Mgr Maint - Pwr Gen Green River-Maintenance
Jeffrey Fraley Kentucky Utilities 016220 General Manager - Tyrone/Brown E W Brown-General Mgr & Admin
Timothy Harrison Kentucky Utilities 016520 Mgr Ghent Environmental Ghent - General Manager
Michael Hensley Louisville Gas & Electric Co. 002030A Manager - Production Cane Run & Combtn Turb
Jeff Joyce Louisville Gas & Electric Co. 002650 General Manager - Trimble Gen Mgr Trimble Cty Operations
Mike Kirkland Louisville Gas & Electric Co. 002401 General Manager - Mill Creek Gen Mgr Mill Creek Station
Dan Kremer Louisville Gas & Electric Co. 002340A Mgr Commercial Operations Mill Creek Commercial Ops
Stephen Legler Louisville Gas & Electric Co. 002401B Mgr Maint - Pwr Gen Maintenance Services-MC
Kenny Noonan LG&E and KU Services Company 022025 Mgr Turbine-Generator Maint Generation Turb Gen Specialist
Mark Payne Louisville Gas & Electric Co. 002030C Mgr Maint - Pwr Gen Cane Run & Combtn Turb
Phil Rabe Louisville Gas & Electric Co. 002720 Manager - Production Production-TC
Chuck Ransdell Louisville Gas & Electric Co. 002670 Mgr Commercial Operations Trimble County-Commercial Oper
Stacy L Ritchey Kentucky Utilities 016630 Mgr Commercial Operations Ghent - Commercial
Brian Sumner Kentucky Utilities 016360 Mgr Maint - Pwr Gen EWB Maintenance
Thomas M Troost Kentucky Utilities 016120 General Manager - Green River Green River - General Manager
Dave Tummonds Louisville Gas & Electric Co. 002030 Gen Mgr Cane Run & Comb Turb Gen Mgr Cane Run & Combtn Turb
Steven Turner Kentucky Utilities 016520 General Manager - Ghent Ghent - General Manager
Paul Wright Kentucky Utilities 016600 Manager - Production Ghent - Production