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  • Earn up to $50,000 per facility
  • Save energy
  • Reduce operating costs

The Commercial Rebate Program helps commercial customers earn cash rebates of up to $50,000 per facility per year for making energy-saving improvements to their facilities. Our rebates help offset the costs for upgrading certain equipment, such as lighting, air conditioning, chillers and more. It doesn't matter if your facility is big or small, we'll work with you and your staff to help you earn cash rebates for qualified improvements.

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Eligibility requirements

Commercial rebates are available to all LG&E and KU commercial customers that contribute to Demand Side Management as part of their monthly bills. Commercial customers can apply for one or more rebates any time qualified improvements are made. All energy-saving measures will be first reviewed for various individual, called prescriptive, improvements. Rebates are available for prescriptive improvements made since April 1, 2008. If an improvement is not found on the prescriptive list, it will then be considered a customized improvement. Custom improvements must have been made since November 9, 2011 and combine to provide a minimum of one kilowatt average demand reduction during the summer peak period (June-September).   

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