Commercial contractors, vendors and ESCOs

Business Rebates are available to third parties, such as commercial contractors, architects, energy services companies (ESCOs) and vendors who provide energy-saving improvements to LG&E and KU commercial and industrial customers.

For existing buildings, we offer rebates for:


Custom projects

Energy audits

LEED major renovations





For new buildings, we offer rebates for:

General new construction above state code

LEED new construction

Consider these top 5 reasons why our rebates make sense for your business and clients.

  1. Shorter payback periods
  2. Make projects more affordable – rebates help fund larger projects using more efficient products.
  3. Encourages loyalty and repeat customers – your willingness to assist in rebate process shows your customers you are a trusted partner.
  4. Go from "should" to "can" – rebates soften purchase barriers where customers don't need to replace, but should.
  5. More project approvals, sooner – one in three participants surveyed said the Business Rebate Program significantly influenced their decision to implement the project.

Get started

Request an application by phone at 800-356-5467. Be sure to have your client’s LG&E and KU account number and tax ID handy.

LG&E and KU Energy LLC reserves the right to revise program requirements and incentive levels at any time subject to approval of the Kentucky Public Service Commission. Incentives are subject to availability.