Empowering our future through smart investments

We never stop working to better the communities that we serve. We’re preparing for the future with upgrades that make the energy you rely on every day even more safe and reliable, all while keeping rates 18% below the national average and growing economic development in the region. 

Here are just some of the ways our employees are working to give customers the best possible service they deserve: 

Transmission pole replacement

Investing in our energy superhighways

Across our high voltage electric transmission system — which serves as the energy superhighway that transports electricity and ultimately delivers it into the distribution system that provides electric service to businesses, neighborhoods and homes — we’re performing numerous projects to enhance our system. This includes upgrading our transmission lines, replacing aging wooden poles with steel, and clearing trees and other vegetation around system equipment.

Investing in faster service restoration

Throughout our electric system as a whole, we’re installing automated restoration equipment along power lines to restore service faster than ever before and centralizing grid operations.

Coupled with our crews’ fieldwork, our investments mean greater efficiencies, more real-time data, improved reliability and a better experience for customers. Already, our automated equipment has prevented more than 150,000 service interruptions and saved nearly 29 million minutes when customers would have been without power. In fact, ongoing efforts across our electric system have reduced how often and how long power outages last by about 20% since 2011.

Lineman standing in front of a utility pole with reclosers
Utility workers next to a large natural gas pipe

Investing in safe, reliable natural gas service

The same type of detailed planning that takes place for our electric system extends into our natural gas system, which is made up of more than 4,700 miles of natural gas transmission and distribution lines; compressor stations that move the gas through the system to customers; and natural gas storage fields that enable us to purchase gas when costs are low, store it for later use, and pass the savings to customers.

To ensure safe, reliable natural gas service, we employ comprehensive natural gas safety measures that include monitoring of our system, 24/7, by a central Gas Control Room; conducting leak surveys; operating a Pipeline Integrity Management Program that identifies and minimizes potential pipeline risks; and educating community partners and the general public about natural gas safety. In addition to those ongoing efforts, we’re replacing aging gas lines and enhancing our system to accommodate economic growth and expansion.

Investing in economic development

Our energies go to powering businesses and empowering growth. With competitive electric rates, excellent reliability, a focus on the customers and a business-friendly climate, there’s no question that Kentucky is the THE place for business.

In LG&E and KU's service territories in 2023, there were:

  • 42 project announcements, representing 45% of statewide announcements
  • 2,288 jobs to be created
  • $1.3 billion in announced capital investment
  • 20 Opportunity Kentucky grants committed, totaling $1.7 million

LG&E and KU’s resources, experience and knowledge base are available to assist you each step of the way. 

aerial view rendering of battery facility
Showing the bridge downtown Louisville at night

Investing in recycling that delivers savings to customers

We’re on track this year to return to customers $10 million in savings from beneficially recycling the by-products left over from the power generation process. 

  •  As approved for many uses by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, our by-products are able to be safely recycled and beneficially used to make products like concrete, cement, fertilizer, porcelain tile, wallboard and roofing shingles. In fact, Louisville’s new Lincoln and Lewis and Clark bridges were constructed using cement with fly ash from LG&E’s Mill Creek power plant.
  • Since 2016, the recycling of our by-products has generated more than $15 million in savings for our customers. Despite the ongoing pandemic, this year we’re on track to beneficially use nearly 90% of our by-products and we expect to return $10 million to our customers.

Empowering Sustainability in Kentucky

We’re integrating sustainability into every part of our operations and through customer partnerships.

a high angle view of the solar share sections
Customer using a tablet to access their Advanced Meter information

Investing in an advanced metering infrastructure

The Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) project, which runs through 2025, includes the installation of a new two-way communication wireless network and upgrading most meters to advanced metering equipment throughout our service territories. After the upgrade, you have access to a customized online dashboard to help manage your energy use — all at no additional cost to you.