Assistance programs

We understand customers can sometimes have difficulty paying their utility bills. There are a number of agencies that provide assistance and we encourage customers to take advantage of these programs. 

girl holding up heat-shaped hands

Need help with utility bills? We’re here to help.

LIHEAP and other heating-assistance options are available.

Ways to manage your bill

Did you know if you have not had a late residential payment in the past 11 months and happen to miss a payment deadline, you are eligible for a one-time late payment charge waiver? Contact us prior to your next bill due date to request a waiver. To avoid late payments, consider using Auto Pay for recurring payments and My Notifications to set bill reminders.

WeCare Program (Kentucky)

WeCare Program helps provide a more efficient, safe and comfortable home. More importantly, it teaches our income-eligible customers how to be more efficient and manage their energy bills.