Solar Offerings for Your Home or Business

Solar energy is playing a more prominent role in the nation's energy mix. Energy companies nationwide, including LG&E and KU, are adding more universal solar to the electric grid to help power our communities and exploring new ways to partner with customers on solar installations at their homes and businesses.

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Solar Share Program

The subscription-based Solar Share Program includes constructing a facility for our residential, business and industrial customers interested in sharing in local solar energy and receiving solar energy credits generated from the facility.

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Net metering

Whether you are interested in becoming a net metering customer or are already a net metering customer, find helpful information about net metering service.

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Solar for your business

Partner with LG&E and KU to meet your sustainability goals.

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Solar for your home

Check out resources and information for installing solar at your home.

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Using solar and storage: a case study

This study evaluates the solar generation and energy storage requirements and associated economics of serving the electricity requirements of the LG&E Highland 1103 distribution circuit with local resources on a standalone basis, without connection to the power grid.