We’re creating a sustainable energy future with the right mix – responsible, affordable and reliable.

We’ve requested approval to build a diverse mix of power generation and offer customers the largest number of energy efficiency programs in our company’s history.

  • We’ve announced plans to retire nearly a third of our capacity of our aging generation fleet by 2028 and build two advanced natural gas plants, add a significant amount of solar generation and a battery storage facility and create Kentucky’s largest portfolio of energy efficiency programs for customers.  
  • Specifically, our plan – which we’re seeking approval from the Kentucky Public Service Commission for by Oct. 1, 2023 – includes building two 621-megawatt natural gas combined-cycle units; adding nearly 1,000 megawatts of solar generation and 125 megawatts of battery storage; and developing 14 new energy efficiency offerings.
  • Our proposed energy efficiency portfolio will reduce our long-term need for additional generation by 200 megawatts and feature more programs that benefit low-income customers and include weatherization, energy audits, and smart thermostats. 
  • Other programs include an appliance recycling program for residential customers and small businesses as well as incentives for customers who reduce their consumption during times of high energy demand. 
  • In keeping with our long-term goal of net zero by 2050, our plans allow us to decrease carbon emissions in a measured fashion as research and development advances in the coming years.

Additional facts about our plan:

  • Our plan is the least-cost option to continue to serve our customers’ energy needs responsibly, reliably and affordably. 
  • At this time, solar generation alone cannot meet our customers’ around-the-clock energy needs. If we only added solar, wind and battery storage it would cost about $2 billion more than our proposed plan – a right mix of natural gas, solar, battery storage and energy efficiency. 
  • Modern natural gas plants, like the two we’re planning to build, are among the most efficient gas-fired generating technology, producing 65% less carbon emissions than the coal-fired units we plan to retire.  
  • 14 new energy efficiency offerings will help our customers save energy and reduce the amount of generation we need to build to meet our customers’ around-the-clock energy needs.

The shift in our energy mix

Check out our current energy portfolio and see what our energy mix will look like in 2028.

pie chart of energy mix

Increasing the amount of renewable energy we generate for our customers

With our investments in solar, we'll be able to produce 4x more energy from renewables.

bar chart of renewable energy generated

How much do alternative energy solutions cost?

Compared to our proposed plan, switching to all renewables and adding emissions controls to coal-fired units would cost our customers a lot more.

table of alternative energy solutions cost
wildflowers in front of a solar panel

Empowering sustainability

See how we’re partnering with customers to help meet their long-term sustainability goals.

employees next to a battery storage unit

Investing in R&D

Learn more about the nearly 150 research and development projects we have underway to better serve our customers.