Outage help

Why does my power come on and then go back off?

If your power comes on and then goes back off, that can happen for a couple reasons. 

During inclement weather, trees can sway and make contact with power lines, causing a brief disruption to your service. However during a longer event, trees can weaken and break causing more damage to our power lines, which would require crews to come out and make repairs.  

Other times, crews will make temporary repairs to restore your service as quickly as possible. However, they will need to briefly disrupt your service again to make permanent repairs at a later time. 

Sometimes your service may go out for other reasons:

  • Wildlife in the equipment
  • Work in the area
  • An equipment malfunction
  • A severed underground line
  • A fire in the area
  • Maintenance of the electrical system in the area
  • Trees or limbs in the lines
  • A motor vehicle accident
  • An unknown cause

In some instances, your service may be affected by a planned outage in your area so that our crews can perform upgrades or repairs to your service. We make every effort to provide advance notification of any planned outage that may impact your service.

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