Virginia multi-family shared solar program

In 2020, the Virginia General Assembly amended the Code of Virginia by adding section 56-585.1:12, which establishes a program affording eligible multi-family customers of Kentucky Utilities Company d/b/a Old Dominion Power Company (“ODP”) the opportunity to participate in multi-family shared solar projects.

Virginia Code 56-585.1:12 describes the type of shared solar facilities eligible for the program.  A “subscriber organization” is defined by the law as an “entity that owns or operates one or more shared solar facilities.”  A “subscriber” is defined by the law as a multi-family customer that “owns one or more subscriptions of a shared solar facility that is interconnected with the utility.”   

For eligible subscribers, ODP will provide a bill credit on the subscriber’s bill for the proportional output of the multi-family shared solar facilities attributable to that subscriber.  The Virginia State Corporation Commission (“Commission”) established regulations and an initial bill credit rate for the multi-family shared solar program in Case No. PUR-2020-00124.

ODP will begin accepting applications for registration in the multi-family shared solar program on July 1, 2021.  Subscriber organizations interested in operating a multi-family shared solar facility in ODP’s service territory or ODP customers interested in subscribing to the multi-family shared solar program should contact ODP using the link below.  A sample draft contract that eligible subscriber organizations will be asked to execute with ODP before participating in the program is available below.