Louisville skyline with LG&E Building in foreground at dusk

Our company

Louisville Gas and Electric Company and Kentucky Utilities Company, part of the PPL Corporation (NYSE: PPL) family of companies, are regulated utilities that serve more than 1.3 million customers and have consistently ranked among the best companies for customer service in the United States. LG&E serves 333,000 natural gas and 429,000 electric customers in Louisville and 16 surrounding counties. KU serves 566,000 customers in 77 Kentucky counties and five counties in Virginia.

Louisville skyline with LG&E Building in foreground at dusk

About LG&E and KU

About Vision/Mission Investments New generation Management team

With our competitive electric rates, excellent reliability and business-friendly climate, there’s no question that Kentucky is the best place for business.

We’re integrating sustainability into every part of our operations and through customer partnerships.

We never stop working to make Kentucky a better place to live and work. We’re preparing for the future with upgrades that make the energy you rely on every day even more safe and reliable, all while keeping rates 18% below the national average and growing economic development in the Commonwealth. 

LG&E and KU have long recognized the importance of diversity – within our work force, our supplier relationships and the communities we serve.

The company is required by governmental and regulatory agencies/entities to make available certain information to the public through the corporate website.

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Research and Development

At LG&E and KU, our Research and Development team investigates and evaluates new technology to find ways of applying it to our operations in order to better serve our customers.