My Notifications for your home or business

Staying on top of approaching due dates for all of your bills can be a cumbersome task, signing up for billing notifications makes it easier to keep track. 

We’ve made some changes! Even if you already receive billing notifications from us, please re-enroll and sign up for some new options that will soon be available.

My Notifications gives you the option of receiving timely notifications about your monthly utility bill by email, text and/or voice call.  These messages can be sent to any phone or email address you choose without changing the contact information on your account.  Plus, you can also choose if you want to be notified when your bill is ready to view; five days before payment is due or one day past the due date.

It's easy

  • Sign in or set up your My Account
  • Once logged in, select “My Notifications” from the My Account homepage
  • Choose the account you want to enroll
  • Use the dropdowns to select the desired Notifications
  • In addition to billing notifications, you can also pre-enroll for other notifications that are coming soon

It’s up to you – just set it and never forget it.