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It's finally starting to feel like fall! For some of our natural gas customers, you might be firing up the furnace for the first time. We have some cool weather & safety tips that all our customers can use. We want to help you control your energy costs. Instead of reaching for the thermostat when it is bitterly cold outside, take a conservative approach to staying Cool weather tips | LG&E and KU

3 days 8 hours ago.

Pretty soon it will start to feel like fall. Is your home ready for cooler weather? Sign up to attend Project Warm's free Energy Management Workshops. The next one is tomorrow at the Cabbage Patch House. Learn how to make your home warmer and more comfortable this winter. Project Warm workshops teach how to hang clear interior window covers, give energy saving tips and more… plus get free supplies to winterize and "do-it-yourself" at home. Project Warm

4 days 8 hours ago.


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