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By subscribing to Solar Share, you are sharing in the growth of local solar energy in your community. It’s another way to support renewable energy options in our region.

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  • Avoid the up-front costs and long-term maintenance required for a private system.
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When you subscribe to our Solar Share program, you’re helping grow solar energy in Kentucky.  Whether you’re in Louisville, Lexington, Maysville, Morganfield, Pineville or in between, residential, business and industrial customers across our LG&E and KU service territories have the opportunity to share in local solar energy and receive credits on their monthly bill. 

Construction on the first 500-kilowatt section of our new Solar Share facility has begun! Ford Motor Company is the first major founding partner in the program and will be joining about 300 customers who will earn bill credits from this first section of solar panels. The first section is expected to be fully operational by mid-summer, 2019.  

Below is an aerial photo of the site which is located along Interstate 64 in Shelby County approximately one mile west of Exit 28. 

Aerial Solar Share

Below is a visual representation of the first section of the array which is being installed in the southeast corner of the property. The existing four-board fence and new landscape buffers on the north and west side of the property along Conner Station Road will blend with the surrounding area.



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Avoid the up-front costs and long-term maintenance required for a private system.

This type of program is ideal for customers who want to support local solar energy, but are unable to install it on their own property or for whom a private system may be too costly. It’s especially appealing for renters, those with properties predominantly in the shade and those who have deed restrictions.

Receive a credit on your monthly bill based on your subscription.

The Solar Energy Credit represents the monetary value of the solar energy that will be generated based on your subscription. This credit will vary each month based on the actual amount of solar energy generated by the facility.(More)

Example bill. 

Support the growth of local solar energy.

Participating customers are contributing directly to growing solar energy in Kentucky.  

Subscribe to shares of solar on a first-come basis; includes a monthly fee per share of solar.

You can choose one or more shares based on your preference. Currently, each subscription includes a monthly fee of $6.27, per share of solar, with no up-front enrollment fees. The monthly fee is subject to change during the subscription period, but would only do so if approved by the Kentucky Public Service Commission. Each 250-watt share of solar is currently estimated to produce between 18 and 38 kilowatt-hours of energy per month, depending on factors like weather conditions and time of year. A typical residential household uses approximately 1,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity each month.

The program requires a 12-month commitment from the date the solar charges appear on a customer's bill. Customers who subscribe 50 kW or more will be required to sign a five-year contract.

The term, "shares," does not create or imply any ownership or investment interest.  

Solar Share Program status


Section 1

Together, we did it!

The first section within the Solar Share program is 100% subscribed and we’re now taking enrollments for the second. Check in periodically for updates regarding construction plans on the first array.


Section 2

Now accepting enrollments

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The site, along Interstate 64 in the KU service territory near LG&E, is large enough to accommodate a four-megawatt solar field. The Solar Share facility will be built in eight 500-kilowatt sections, and each section represents 2,000 shares. The construction process will begin for each 500-kilowatt section after it is 100 percent subscribed.