Solar Share Program

For less than 20 cents per day, you can help grow local solar energy in Kentucky that helps power our community.

  • Enroll now to secure shares of solar energy for your home or business!
  • Avoid the up-front installation costs and long-term maintenance required for a private system.
  • Earn credits on your bill or gift them to a loved one, friend or organization important to you.
  • Watch live solar data now.

Help grow solar energy in Kentucky

When you subscribe to our Solar Share program, you’re helping grow solar energy in Kentucky. Whether you’re in Louisville, Lexington, Maysville, Morganfield, Pineville or in between, residential, business and industrial electric customers across our LG&E and KU service territories have the opportunity to share in local solar energy and receive credits on their monthly bill.

Live solar generation dashboard

Watch live while our Solar Share Facility generates power.

Getting started

Step 1 – Choose a subscription level that is right for you using our Solar Share Calculator.

Step 2 – Enroll through our online form or by calling 800-356-5467.

Step 3 – Start supporting local solar and tell your family and friends!

Step 4 – After the array section that contains your subscribed shares begins to produce energy, track the solar generation data through our online dashboard available to all participants at no extra cost.

NOTE - A joint account can help ensure continuing benefits from your Solar Share Program participation as the makeup of your household changes over time.


Frequently asked questions and additional information.

Determine what you need to support 100% renewables, costs associated and the environmental impact. 

Subscription availability

We are now accepting enrollments for the sixth, seventh and eighth sections of the array. The construction process will begin after each section is 100% subscribed.


Sections 1-5

Are 100% subscribed

Section 6

Is open and accepting enrollments.

Enroll now

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Section 7

Is not open for enrollments until prior section is 100% subscribed.

Section 8

Is not open for enrollments until prior section is 100% subscribed.


Subscribe to shares of solar on a first-come basis.

You can choose one or more shares based on your preference. Currently, each subscription includes a monthly fee of $5.55, per share of solar, with no start-up costs. The monthly fee is subject to change prospectively during the subscription period, but would only do so if approved by the Kentucky Public Service Commission.

The monthly payment structure requires a 12-month commitment from the date the solar charges appear on a customer's bill.  If a customer leaves the program before the end of the 12-month period, the customer must pay the remainder of the monthly fees left to complete the original 12-month subscription. If a customer increases their number of shares during the original 12-month period, the 12-month commitment begins again at month one.

If a customer moves within the same service territory, their shares may be transferred to the new premise provided the customer notifies LG&E and KU of the transfer within 60 days of their move. If the customer does not transfer the shares within 60 days, the customer will be de-enrolled from the program.

Customers who subscribe 50 kW (200 shares) or more will be required to sign a five-year contract before their subscription is guaranteed. A customer cannot subscribe to more than 250 kW (1,000 shares) in a single solar array or 500 kW (2,000 shares) in total.

In lieu of a monthly fee, customers now have the option to pay a one-time, non-refundable Solar Capacity Charge of $799 per share which covers the cost of that share for 25 years. This option is ideal for customers who don’t want an ongoing monthly payment or for customers who want to “gift” their solar credits to another LG&E or KU customer (e.g. family, friend, or local school, church or organization). LG&E and KU will send customers an invoice for their one-time charge, and their shares will not be guaranteed until the Company has received payment in full. Once a customer “gifts” a subscription to another customer, those shares cannot be transferred in any way or refunded.

Each 250-watt share of solar is currently estimated to produce between 18 and 38 kilowatt-hours of energy per month, depending on factors like weather conditions and time of year. A typical residential household uses approximately 1,100 kilowatt-hours of electricity each month.

Participating customers must have an Advanced Meter installed at their premises. LG&E and KU will install those meters at no additional cost. The Advanced Meter must be accessible for monthly reads.

This tab contains highlights of the program requirements. For the full terms and conditions of the program, please visit our tariff information below on Sheet Nos. 72-72.3

Please note that the term "share" does not create or imply any ownership or investment interest.  

This is not an energy savings program.


Support the growth of local solar energy.

Participating customers are contributing directly to growing solar energy in Kentucky.

Avoid the up-front costs and long-term maintenance required for a private system.

This type of program is ideal for customers who want to support local solar energy, but are unable to install it on their own property or for whom a private system may be too costly. It’s especially appealing for renters, those with properties predominantly in the shade and those who have deed restrictions.

Receive credits on your monthly bill based on your subscription.

The Solar Energy Credit represents the monetary value of the solar energy that will be generated based on your subscription. This credit will vary each month based on the actual amount of solar energy generated by the facility.

The Solar Share Energy Offset is a credit for the monetary value of the energy you (the customer) consumed in the same 15-minute interval that the solar energy is generated.

Learn more.

example bill showing the solar share energy credit

An example bill.

About the facility

Sections #6-8: Now accepting enrollments.

We are now accepting enrollments for the sixth, seventh and eighth sections of the array. The construction process will begin after each section is 100% subscribed.

Section #5: 100% Subscribed.

Stay tuned for details on construction in 2022.

Sections 3 & 4: Went live June 2021.

Construction for both sections three and four are complete at the Solar Share Facility in Simpsonville, making them fully operational. Thanks to subscribers, development of the Solar Share site, which will consist of a total of eight 500-kilowatt sections, is now 50% complete.

More than 1,300 LG&E and KU residential customers, along with several business customers including Louisville-area non-profit Center for Women and Families, Louisville-based printing and fulfillment services company V.G. Reed & Sons, and the Campbellsville division of global industrial services company Ingersoll Rand, subscribed to sections three and four.

Solar Share section 3 and 4

Section #2: Went live May 2020.

Construction of the second 500-kilowatt section in Simpsonville is complete. With the addition of the new 1,300 panel array, customers participating in the program are now helping produce a total of one megawatt of local solar energy here in the Bluegrass state ‒ with more room to grow. Kentucky Habitat for Humanity and Centre College were among the customers who subscribed to the second section.

a high angle view of the solar share sections
aerial view of the LG&E and KU solar share sections

Section #1: Went live July 2019.

Construction of the first 500-kilowatt section of LG&E and KU’s Solar Share Program began in early 2019 thanks to founding partner Ford Motor Company and other participating business and residential customers. The nearly 1,400 panel array became fully operational and began serving up solar energy for the Bluegrass in late July 2019.

The site, along Interstate 64 in the KU service territory near LG&E, is large enough to accommodate a four-megawatt solar field. The Solar Share facility will be built in eight 500-kilowatt sections, and each section represents 2,000 shares. The construction process will begin for each 500-kilowatt section after it is 100 percent subscribed.

Below is an aerial photo of the first array.

aerial view from the side of the first section of arrays

The four-board fence and new landscape buffers on the north and west side of the property along Conner Station Road blend with the surrounding area.

a distant aerial view of the first section of the solar share facility

In addition to installing fencing and landscape buffers around the outside of the facility to blend it with the surrounding area, LG&E and KU are planning to use property within the solar site to establish a pollinator habitat, rich with native plants that create an environment that attracts and supports pollinators such as native bees, honey bees and monarch butterflies, which have experienced population declines over the last decade. Other benefits of pollinator habitats include beautifying the landscape, supporting grassland birds, reducing water runoff and soil erosion, reduced maintenance costs and educational opportunities.


Empowering individuals and businesses to meet sustainability and corporate responsibility goals

Solar Share participants have the opportunity to support local solar energy in Kentucky that helps power our community in more ways than one.

In addition to supporting renewable energy and meeting sustainability goals, participants can also "gift" their solar energy credits to another person, business or nonprofit organization important to them. With each subscription to Solar Share, solar energy credits appear on the monthly bills of the recipient. For customers who have renewable energy and corporate responsibility goals, but don’t have the time or up-front investment to install solar on their roof or on their site, Solar Share "gifting" is a great option.

Features & Benefits

  • Meet your renewable energy goals with minimal effort and commitment while also supporting an individual customer or a non-profit organization by "gifting" the solar energy credits to the recipient of your choosing.
  • Support local solar that helps power our community.
  • Avoid the upfront costs and long-term maintenance required for a private system.
  • The recipient of the solar energy credits will also receive an advanced meter to access a portal and view their live solar data and other energy insights.

You can choose to purchase one or more shares based on your preference. The shares are assigned to an individual or organization of your choice. That selected customer receives the credits generated from the solar production for 25 years. Each 250-watt share of solar costs $799 and is expected to yield between 18 and 38 kilowatt-hours of energy per month. Factors such as weather conditions and time of year can have a slight impact on the production of the array.

The term "shares" does not create or imply any ownership or investment interest. Consult with your tax representative for deduction information.

Habitat for Humanity logo

Gifting Partners

Kentucky Habitat for Humanity (KYHFH) has subscribed to 180 shares in LG&E and KU’s Solar Share Program. Utilizing the utilities’ new gifting option, the solar share credits will be transferred to 10 eligible low-income families across Kentucky, selected collaboratively by KYHFH and Habitat affiliates. The families will receive solar credits on their utility bill for 25 years with a goal of offsetting as much as 30% of their monthly energy usage. Read the full story.

Advanced meters

Business Partners

Building a more sustainable future for Kentucky is a team effort. Thanks to Ford Motor Company, our first major founding partner, along with communities, businesses and residents across the state, LG&E and KU are able to continue growing locally-produced solar energy that’s perfect for those who don’t want the up-front costs and long-term maintenance required with a private system. If you would like to join our more than 300 participants in creating a brighter energy future, while meeting more of your corporate sustainability goals, we encourage you to join us today.

Founding Partner

Ford Motor Company

Platinum Partner

(1,000+ shares)

Gold Partner

(500-999 shares)

Silver Partner

(100-499 shares)

Yamamoto FB Engineering LLC

Habitat for Humanity

Bronze Partner

(10-99 shares)

Oldham Wood Sanitation

Ursuline Society and Academy of Education

Centre College