Important information about residential joint accounts

Joint account holder(s)

When starting, stopping or moving service, or at any time after that, the primary account holder may authorize additional parties who also reside at the residence as joint account holders. Each “joint account holder” is fully authorized to conduct business on the account and is fully financially responsible for the account.

Not sure if you have a joint account holder on your account?

Typically, all joint account holders are listed on the mailing address section at the bottom of your bill. Click here for an example.

Joint Account Holder - bill example

Contact person(s)

The primary account holder may also authorize a contact person who is not a joint account holder. A contact person has limited authority to conduct business on the account, is not financially responsible for the account and is not listed on the bill.

Net Metering

If the account includes net metering service, any unused excess billing-period credits will continue as long as at least one joint account holder remains at the premise. Refer to the net metering tariff for additional information.

Solar Share Program

If the account holder is enrolled in the LG&E and KU Solar Share program, any unused Solar Energy Credit value will continue as long as at least one joint account holder remains in the program. See the Solar Share tariffs.