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Empowering Kentucky's economy

Our energies go to powering businesses and empowering growth.

In 2021 we helped Kentucky break records for new jobs and investment.  Through our close relationships with existing customers, and partnerships with state and local leaders, more than $8 billion in capital investment and nearly 12,000 new jobs were announced in our service territories. There’s never been a better time to relocate business to Kentucky.

LG&E and KU’s resources, experience and knowledge base are available to assist you each step of the way. From site evaluation to implementation and ongoing support, let us partner with you to help with:

  • Building/site identification and due diligence
  • Infrastructure development
  • Incentives and cost analysis
  • Project management
  • Coordination with state and local governments.

Kentucky is the right place for your business

With competitive electric rates, excellent reliability, a focus on the customer, and a business-friendly climate, there’s no question that Kentucky is the place for business.

Start planning your business success with us. Use our site selection tools to find available properties in one of our outstanding communities, examine our featured properties or find sites and buildings based on your criteria. Once you find a property, use our reports for further analysis.

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Empowering the industries we serve

We are the energy provider for some of the largest industries in Kentucky. From automotive and manufacturing, to aerospace and logistics, businesses can have confidence in LG&E and KU by looking at the customers we serve and the enormity of their operations.

Empowering sustainability in Kentucky

Have sustainability goals? We’ve got you covered. At LG&E and KU, we’re expanding our energy portfolio to offer more renewable options and help businesses meet their sustainability goals.

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Project funding and bill credits

The Opportunity Kentucky grant assists communities with site development for new or expanding businesses. The Opportunity Kentucky bill credit offers an incentive to new and existing customers to help launch their investments.

Team Opportunity Kentucky

Economic development team members

Meet our team of Business and Economic Development professionals.

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