Renewable Power Agreement

We understand that many of our large customers have sustainability objectives and want to diversify their power supply. Our Green Tariff includes an option for our largest customers to buy energy sourced from new renewable projects and have it delivered to them through our transmission and distribution system. 

Customers on the Time of Day Secondary (TODS), Time of Day Primary (TODP), and Retail Transmission Service (RTS) rate schedules may be eligible to enter into a special contract that allows them to purchase the electrical output and all associated environmental attributes from a renewable energy generator. This contract would be made bilaterally with the Company and is subject to approval by the Kentucky Public Service Commission. 


  1. A customer contracting for a minimum monthly billing load of 10 MVA (or MW as is appropriate). 
  2. Any agreement must be at least 10 MW, capped at a system cumulative 100 MW, for a term equal to the generation purchase agreement. 
  3. Agreement must be for energy delivered to the company’s transmission system. Agreement will include all costs for renewable energy to be delivered to the LG&E and KU transmission system. 
  4. Energy serving this option must be generated from a renewable resource developed on or after the Kentucky Public Service Commission special contract approval date.

This offering is part of LG&E and KU's Green Tariff.