Industries We Serve

closeup of jet engine turbine fan blades


Kentucky is home to 79 aerospace-related facilities that employee more than 19,000 employees. 

LG&E and KU aerospace customers: 

Man with glasses holding tablet in a field of plants


Innovation in agriculture abounds in Kentucky.

LG&E and KU AgTech customers: 

Automotive assembly line


Kentucky is the #1 producer of cars, light trucks and SUVs per capita.

LG&E and KU automotive customers:

dropper above a grid of test tubes


210+ chemical manufacturing companies operate in Kentucky

LG&E and KU customers:

bourbon barrels inside a rickhouse

Food & Beverage

95% of the world’s bourbon is made in Kentucky.

LG&E and KU customers: 

nurses caring for a patient in a hospital


Louisville, Kentucky named “America’s Aging Care Capital” by Forbes.

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graphic of a globe with lines connecting cities


Kentucky is home to more than 750 logistic and distribution facilities that employees 75,000+ people. 

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robots on an assembly line


Kentucky is #1 in U.S. for manufacturing (Forbes Magazine).

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a gloved hand inspecting a coil of rubber

Plastics & Rubber

More than 230 plastics and rubber facilities are based in Kentucky.

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rolls of aluminum inside a warehouse

Primary Metals

Kentucky is home to several aluminum and steel facilities, creating materials for products around the world.

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