Business Solar

  • LG&E and KU installs solar panels with minimum impact to operations.
  • Minimal up-front cost with no large out-of-pocket expense.
  • Monthly payment based on the size of your solar array.
  • Customers will receive bill credits that offset a portion of the monthly payment.
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Having solar installed for your business

LG&E and KU offers individual solar facilities for business and industrial customers interested in renewable generation.

We will procure, build, own and operate the individual solar facilities with minimal impact on operations and maintain the solar arrays for the life of the agreement. Each project is subject to approval by the Kentucky Public Service Commission.  We will work with our third-party business partner for our Business Solar program. 

Archdiocese of Louisville rooftop. 

Cost effective

There is minimal cost required up front for this program - typically just those costs associated with permitting and feasibility studies. You will then be charged a monthly fee by LG&E and KU for use and maintenance of the solar array. This monthly fee is based on the size of your array. Customers receive bill credits, based on the production of the array, that offset a portion of the monthly fee. 

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This offering is part of LG&E and KU's Green Tariff.

Inaugural Partner

Archlou-Logo-vector-Museo-Sans-outlines.pngThe Archdiocese of Louisville partnered with our company in May 2018 to operate the first diocesan-based solar array in the greater Kentucky region. The array also marks LG&E’s inaugural Business Solar project.


Maker's Mark LogoMaker's Mark® has partnered with our company to install 560 solar panels at the rick house along Highway 52. The solar array, which will be completed at the end of the year, will supply energy for security, lighting, barrel elevators and office space at the rick house. Stay tuned for additional updates.