Project funding and bill credits

Opportunity Kentucky Grant

Due to the competitiveness of the economic development and site location landscape, prospects today demand aggressive pace, competitive incentive packages, and sites that are prepared and ready, including all pertinent infrastructure.

The Opportunity Kentucky Grant is designed to mitigate site inventory challenges via strategic investment to enhance quantity and quality of product, to address lack of capital in the market, and to encourage collaboration among Kentucky economic developers and stakeholders.

Opportunity Kentucky Bill Credit

We understand that electricity is a major operating cost for most manufacturers. LG&E and KU offers an incentive to new and existing customers to help launch their new investments. The Opportunity Kentucky Bill Credit is an economic development-based rider (EDR) to coincide with current rate tariffs.

The credit helps reduce cost in the first five years of operation so companies can invest more capital into their business. Demand reduction in the first five years by 50%, 40%, 30%, 20%,10% or desired order. Companies that receive an incentive package from the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development may also be eligible for LG&E and KU’s bill credit.

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