Solar for your home – research checklist

Before installing a solar system at your home we encourage you to:

  • Explore current solar technology options and available financial incentives to see what works best to meet your needs.
  • Consider all the costs incurred to install and operate a system for a true comparison. 
  • Consider the “all-in” costs, or levelized costs, to produce energy using a private system over its lifetime. 
    • To determine the levelized costs of a solar system, add together the costs to buy, install, finance and maintain the solar system over its expected lifetime; then, divide the “all-in” total costs by the total amount of electricity the solar system is expected to produce over its lifetime. 
    • According to Consumer Reports, a typical residential solar system can run between $10,000 - $50,000, depending on household needs, installation requirements and the size of the system.
  • Research ahead of time any necessary permitting requirements in your local area.
  • Check your local zoning and construction requirements, based on the type and size of your system.
  • Check if your home is in a deed restricted area or you belong to a homeowners association.

Planning to connect your residential or commercial solar generating facility to the grid?

Be sure to follow the Net Metering Service Interconnection Guidelines for your respective utility (see below). Customers must operate their solar system in parallel with LG&E and KU's system under a set of conditions approved by the Kentucky Public Service Commission.