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How does Collective Billing work?

Every month, we'll include the balances of all your individual accounts on a single statement - a Collective Bill. The separate accounts (called detail accounts) and their respective balances are shown on a detail listing page, with the option of receiving a statement for each detail account to be included with the Collective Bill. Simply pay the total amount indicated on the Collective Bill statement, and enclose the Collective Bill payment stub with your remittance in the return envelope.

Do I pay extra for Collective Billing?

No. Collective Billing is a customer service that is provided at no additional cost.

What accounts are not eligible for the Collective Billing Program?

  • Accounts which have been disconnected for non-payment within the last 12 months.
  • Accounts for owners/builders before or between occupancy.
  • One-time, miscellaneous billings.
  • Accounts that are in arrears.

What other rules apply to Collective Billing?

  • No new summary accounts with less than five detail accounts are set up in the Collective Billing program unless they are also in the Auto Pay program.
  • Once removed from the Collective Billing program, customers are not eligible to re-enroll until after a twelve month period and must again meet all other qualifications for enrollment.

What information do I need to provide?

  • Complete the application form listing the account numbers and service addresses. You also may include your own I.D. codes, such as store numbers, for various accounts.
  • The address where the Summary Bill is to be mailed.
  • The name, email address, fax and telephone number for a contact person in your organization.

Will new accounts be added to a Collective Bill automatically?

No. For example, if you open an LG&E account for a new branch of your business, you'll need to make a specific request to add it to your Collective Bill account listing.