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What is net metering?

Net Metering allows customers who have a private generation source to receive credits towards future power needs for any excess power generated.

How does net metering work?

With Net Metering, you use the electricity you generate first, reducing the amount you normally purchase from us. If you generate more electricity than your home or business uses, LG&E and KU will apply a credit for the excess electricity to the customer's account to be used to meet the customer's future energy needs.

Once your private generation system is installed, it will have to be inspected and approved before being connected to our system. We will ask that you complete a Net Metering application before installing a Net Meter at your home/business.

What is renewable electricity?

Renewable electricity is energy that is produced from natural resources, including the sun, wind and water. Renewable energy sources are readily replenished by Mother Nature and offer a clean source of energy.

Does LG&E and KU allow renewable generators on its system?

Yes. We understand the importance of protecting the environment, and we know our customers do, too. In addition to renewable generation, we offer a variety of programs to encourage our customers to become better energy managers and allow them to play an active role in helping us preserve the environment.

What private generation source will work best for me?

We advise customers who are interested in installing private generation to start by doing research to see if it is a viable option for them. A great deal of information is available on the topic of renewable energy. You will want to research the options and the amount of the investment required. 

Your decision will likely be affected by issues that relate to your specific location within our service area. Factors can vary throughout the region; therefore, it is important to secure opinions and quotes from several different vendors to determine if private generation is even an option for you. 

We can help you get started on research to determine what options might work best for your home or business. 

How much does it cost to install a private generation source?

There are several options and a number of issues to keep in mind when considering a private generation system. Therefore, you should secure quotes from several different vendors before making your decision. 

What if I generate more than enough electricity to meet my needs?

LG&E and KU will apply a credit toward your account to meet your future energy needs. 

What if I generate more electricity than my family/business can use but I want to sell it to LG&E and KU?

LG&E and KU does not purchase electricity produced under Net Metering. Generation that exceeds the amount required by the customer producing the electricity will lead to a credit applied to the customer's account. The energy you produce can only be used to offset the amount of energy you purchase from LG&E and KU, thereby reducing your monthly LG&E and KU bill.

Because I generate my own electricity, will I be able to avoid future power outages?

It depends on the size of your private generation system, the way it is connected to the energy grid, and if you have any battery storage installed as part of your installation. Depending on a variety of factors that include the size of your system, weather, and time of day, you may be able to generate enough electricity to provide a small amount of electricity to meet your needs during portions of an outage situation. However, solely relying on a private generation system as a backup generator to meet all of your energy needs for an extended time during an outage situation is not advisable.