Property multiple meter information

Apartment complexes, office suites and other multi-unit buildings often receive their gas and/or electricity through meters set in a location where multiple meters are placed together, in what we call a "multi-meter bank".

"Multi-meter banks" are at increased risk for being “crossed” or labeled with the wrong address/unit numbers, causing tenants to pay for the incorrect meter usage. When these problems occur, it can lead to a bad experience for tenants and landlords alike.

It's important to contact us, to let us know of any:

  • Address changes affecting your properties, including unit or suite numbers; and
  • Changes to the electric and/or natural gas service at your properties.

By contacting us when you become aware of these issues, you can help ensure the safety of your tenants, and avoid an unplanned interruption of electric and/or natural gas service due to a crossed meter. This will also help avoid any further interruption of service if we are on site to trace the meters and correct the situation.