Renovating your properties

Don’t forget that LG&E and KU offer rebates for high-efficiency upgrades and cash incentives when you let us haul away old refrigerators and freezers. Check out our program offerings above to get started.

On the technical side, oftentimes meters can become crossed when remodeling, rewiring or natural gas plumbing work occurs. Be sure to hire only licensed professionals. Check with the Better Business Bureau before you sign a contract.

When you hire a contractor to renovate or remodel your properties, be sure your contractor knows to:

  • Perform a meter trace to ensure each meter is assigned to the correct address/unit; and
  • Contact us if the work will require removing or moving the electric and/or natural gas meters.

Meters are the property of the utility company, and state regulations require that only the utility company may move, remove or test meters. This helps to ensure the safety of both your tenants and the individuals working on your behalf to remodel or rewire your properties. The state regulation also helps to ensure the accuracy of your tenants' billing information.

Save your time and energy. Use our online property management resources when you register your account(s). Our online tools and resources allow you to:

  • Manage your landlord agreements;
  • Schedule or be notified of frequent move-ins and move-outs; and
  • Register multiple properties under a single email address