Active and former military

Honoring those who have served our country.
Providing opportunities to serve our community.

The experience and skills you’ve gained through your service have prepared you for a career in the electric and natural gas utility industry. Be part of a team that values and honors your service and join us in setting the industry standard. You know how to adapt to and overcome obstacles, perform as a member of a team, and accomplish any mission that you are given. You’re an expert and a professional in your field, a mentally tough leader.  Continue serving your community and put that experience to work on new challenges, making a difference for the future in your community.

Our company's standards mirror the principles upheld by our branches of the U.S. military. Our "No Compromise" safety practices, for example, are driven by every one of our employees. We lead the way with one of the country’s best safety records, not just in our industry, but in all others. We thrive on performance excellence, integrity, loyalty to the community, and commitment to our employees.

Our customers can depend on us, any time, day or night. We're dedicated to serving our communities, and whether it's a sunny day or severe weather, we will always be there.

We're a company where innovative technology is ingrained in the company culture — from our day-to-day practices to our long-term projects — and we're continually developing new, creative solutions to accomplish our mission.

At LG&E and KU Energy, the service and commitment to duty continues. Our Armed Forces Energy Partners group (AFEP), offers company veterans a network to broaden their knowledge of the utility industry and learn about professional development opportunities from others like you who have served.

If you’re interested in learning more about careers at LG&E and KU, apply online or contact one of our veteran recruiters.

Energy Careers for Veterans

LG&E and KU: A great place for military veterans to serve their community