Career profile - Greg Lindsey

Greg Lindsey

Greg Lindsey, line technician

What I like about my current position is that every job is something different.

Greg Lindsey began his career at LG&E in 1996 after hearing about the company's benefits. He worked as a line tech apprentice and is currently a trouble line technician. He also has worked on several committees, including those that focus on customer commitment, safety fall prevention and line tech diversity recruitment. He is currently earning his associate degree through the company's degree program, a partnership with Kentucky Community and Technical College System.

What types of responsibilities do you have in your current position?

In my current position, I am a first responder to customer complaints, outages and electrical emergencies.

What have been your most memorable or rewarding days working here?

The days I worked to provide emergency mutual assistance for other utilities. My team worked for Mississippi Power for 14 days during Hurricane Katrina restoring power. The storms we've had here in Kentucky were bad, but they don't compare to what the people of the Gulf Coast went through during Katrina. We lost power here, but they lost homes, businesses and lives in one day.